Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers day

Mothers day Morning the boys were so sweet. Bentley was more excited than I was. He pranced around the house singing, "Happy Mothers Day, Happy Mothers Day", even with the tooth brush in his mouth. I think that boy just likes a reason to party. Stephen brought me a beautiful card and pot he painted in school (pictures to come) and paper flower he made. I was very surprised because I didn't know he had anything and then Bentley  just started sobbing and ran to me with his hands over his face and burrowed into me and whispered "mom, I'm so sorry I don't have anything for you". It broke my heart! I quickly reminded Steve to help Bentley surprise me with the flowers Steve had sweetly brought me home the night before from all of them after the boys had gone to bed. Steve ran out with him and Bentley came back in with a bouquet of flowers and big smile on his face. Later though he explained he really had wanted to buy me earings for mothers day and hadn't been able to. An hour or so later he brought me my favorite pair. I told him thank you so much. He told me he hadn't bought them, they were already mine and looked perplexed, I did whatever I could to cheer him up. He is awfully thoughtful. But I didn't want him to feel so bad! They were very sweet to me all day and told me how pretty I looked for church although they always are good at that. After church we got to spend the day with family, and all the special woman in our lives. I'm so grateful to have amazing mothers and sisters and other woman in my life and most important my two beautiful boys who keep me busy and happy and make me a mom! The best part about who I am!

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