Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teacher Gifts

Stephens last day is friday and I want to do something simple and cute for his teacher. I have been looking up ideas tonight and just wanted to post a couple of my favorite...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Time with Mommy

School is almost out for Stephen so Bentley and I are enjoying our last days of alone Mommy/Bentley time for the year. He is so excited Stephen will be home and they have the whole summer planned, but I know he will miss his Mommy time when its just us. Steve and I are going to start doing date nights when we each take a child and do something special one on one with them. It goes without saying Stephen is very excited for school to be over. I cant wait to have more time with him, especially doing what he has been talking for days about....going to the pool! Thursday Bentley and I went to Fenton for a photo shoot and to see some friends. He was my little assistant and a very good boy! This is my friend Erins daughter Emily. I cant get over how beautiful she is like her Mommy. I got a few of Bentley, nothing special, except they are because they are him and I cant get over how big he is looking!:(So I just want to journal what he is like right now at four with a few of the photos of my special boy..... 
                                                           BENTLEY is now.....
1. Very independent. He wants to do everything himself and gets very upset if you try and help because he is a "BIG BOY"
2. He loves legos, "guys" , cars, soft blankets and his pillow pet
3.He has been having bad dreams  almost every night like I did growing up and still do:( He dreams about people he loves turning to skeletons, falling out of cars, spiders, and last night he dreampt about falling into a hole and I was too late to save him. Its awful hearing his bad dreams, He wakes up and comes and finds me. I'm glad I'm here for him though and understand how scary dreams can be. We went on a walk tonight before bed and talked about the good things he can dream about. He said Alvin and the chipminks and I said he could dream about living in a castle made of cake.
4. He has a temper and is very stuborn. He yells ITS NOT FAIR a lot. He told me for the first time the other day he didnt want to be my kid anymore because I wouldnt let him watch t.v. in bed:(It was sad but he came out after with a big frown on his face and gave me a big hug and said he was sorry and he still wanted to be my kid...
5. He loves saying prayers and is starting to be very thougtful when praying and really thinks about what he says. He prayers for Stephen at school a lot and for his friends and cousins. He loves primary and knows who Jesus is and knows he is a Child of God. He asks me questions about Heaven and explains to me what Jesus made on our earth for us.
6. He likes books, and is  a great counter. He loves drawing and can write a great B...for Bentley! He also loves playing games on the computer and can log onto on Steves lap top by himself.

7. He loves his Mommy. He misses me when is gone and I'm enjoying every momment while he still wants to be my shadow. I know it wont last forever. He is very sweet to me and cares about my feelings. If I dont feel good or look sad he asks me about it and gives me LOTS of hugs and kisses. He is my sweetheart.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Mother in the world. We all love you so much!!Thank you for all you do! Have a special day!
Thanks to Whitney McCoy Photography for a wonderful and fun birthday shoot and awesome photos!

Mothers day

Mothers day Morning the boys were so sweet. Bentley was more excited than I was. He pranced around the house singing, "Happy Mothers Day, Happy Mothers Day", even with the tooth brush in his mouth. I think that boy just likes a reason to party. Stephen brought me a beautiful card and pot he painted in school (pictures to come) and paper flower he made. I was very surprised because I didn't know he had anything and then Bentley  just started sobbing and ran to me with his hands over his face and burrowed into me and whispered "mom, I'm so sorry I don't have anything for you". It broke my heart! I quickly reminded Steve to help Bentley surprise me with the flowers Steve had sweetly brought me home the night before from all of them after the boys had gone to bed. Steve ran out with him and Bentley came back in with a bouquet of flowers and big smile on his face. Later though he explained he really had wanted to buy me earings for mothers day and hadn't been able to. An hour or so later he brought me my favorite pair. I told him thank you so much. He told me he hadn't bought them, they were already mine and looked perplexed, I did whatever I could to cheer him up. He is awfully thoughtful. But I didn't want him to feel so bad! They were very sweet to me all day and told me how pretty I looked for church although they always are good at that. After church we got to spend the day with family, and all the special woman in our lives. I'm so grateful to have amazing mothers and sisters and other woman in my life and most important my two beautiful boys who keep me busy and happy and make me a mom! The best part about who I am!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Grown Up

A grown up tooth coming in, a grown up tie, a grown up jacket...these are thing to document...not the best shoot:) But Stephen wanted me to snap a couple pictures before he left for church today ( I stayed home with Bentley as previously stated ) He wasn't very excited about wearing a tie but you should have seen his face light up when I let him wear his "spy" jacket. He is now a man. I'm going to attempt to sew ties for easter for my men next week. I don't sew. I would like to. We will see what happens. wish me luck. Girls get new easter dresses, boys, not so much. so ties it is, hopefully cute pictures to come. If they end up being pocket squares don't laugh at me. But this is something I would like to attempt to accomplish:)


Sicky Benty

Bentley just looked too cute eating soup in my bed surrounded by his little stuffed friends, I had to capture the moment. I know it will be gone in a moment. And the little boy with his still chubby small hands holding on to that spoon still asking his mommy for everything although tiering,I know will be very heart breathtakingly missed on a day too soon.