Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bentley Turns Four

So Bentley is four! We had a great weekend! He had a birthday party with his bestest friends and he wanted me to make him a teddy bear cake so bad so we had a teddy bear picnic. Everyone brought a bear or other stuffed animal, we had a picnic lunch and just a lot of kids and a small space pretty much:)

Sweet face

I love this one of  Daddy and Bentley

So this was family birthday day on his acctual birthday. Mimi made an ice cream cake and Grandy was there and we sang and did family presents. Our gift to him this year was a trip to chuck e cheese. no pictures bc there was no way I was taking my camers into that insane place. But the boys had a ton of fun!


card from Grandy..he got a pillow pet and iron man with his birthday money

When mimi and pompas buzz light year scooter came up...surprise!

Putting it together with Daddy

'nough said:)

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