Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am your son...and a Robot?

Bentley said some sweet and funnny things today and I just wanted to put them down so I wouldn't forget. He is so fun he makes everyday ( crazy) but wonderful and bright and new and FUN! This morning we were whispering in each others ears because it tickles him so much he will giggle forever...this is how it went....
Me " I love you"
Bentley " I know"
Bentley "  I love you too"
Me "You are a sweet Pea"
Bentley " You are my mommy"
Me "You are my Bentley"
Bentley " I am your son"
It was a simple little whispering conversation but I couldn't help but feel the truthfullness and comfort of these true statements we were whispering in eachothers ear.
Later we were drawing shapes and naming them, I drew a heart and he said in such a little grown up way,      " Thats a heart! I don't have one, I am a robot" ( I think he has watched Sonic Boy one too many times) He said it so matter of factly and then pointed to his chest and said, There is just a robot in here" Then we talked about how he had a wonderfull heart and is a "real boy" lol he was too funny. Right now his favorite thing is playing in the bath. He was in there for 2 hours today, I made brownies and let him lick the spoon in the bath, best idea ever, fast clean up and award winning mommy! I love Bentley so much.

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