Sunday, July 12, 2009

Party Weekend

This weekend we had a great family break. After my surgery monday we had just been laying low but it was nice to spend time saturday together just having fun. First was Brendens birthday party friday which Stephen had a blast at then saturday we went to Emmas birthday party and had so much fun. Although I stayed up all night to make the cake it was worth it! It was so fun to do a girly cake for someone so special...I'm not a baker for sure but it actually turned out pretty good. Then after that was joey and Lexies birthday party. We were there pretty much all day and night and the kids couldnt have had more fun! There was a water slide and bounce house so of course my kids were in heaven. I didnt get very many pics, just a few, but it was a wonderful day together! Stephen kept introducing himself as Stephen "Spy" Douglas and Bentley emjoyed running free and having no boundries, we played wiffle ball which I prob shouldnt have done with healing but it was sooo fun. We love our family and I am so thankful for my husband and boys!!!!!!!!!!!

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