Saturday, March 28, 2009

It seems like we were just bringing our little 4 pound Bentley home, now he is 2!!!!

For Bentleys Birthday Grandma and Grampa Douglas got him a trampoline. He LOVES it and I love that he doesnt want to tear the coushons off the couch and jump on it anymore! Its so fun to watch how happy simple things like jumping make him! I know Its kind of a long video but the end is worth it!


Amanda J said...

Cute pictures! It looks like it was a fun birthday!

Aubrey H said...

Thanks for your comment, that was nice...when I saw that your blog was updated i was shocked! lol I've been wondering where you are...hope to see you on here more often! ;) Very cute pictures of your boys! And the trampoline is a great idea...I might have to look into that. It's probably especially great in the winter when they can't go outside and play. I'll need to consider that now that we're moving back to Utah...we haven't dealt with snow in 4 years!